Our Firm

Big Firm Range, Small Firm Feel

The staff members at Alvarez & Associates are dedicated to living our firm's motto of It’s in our Character. Our very talented and highly-trained CPA's and accountants, as well as an office staff that has been integral to the firm's success, strive to meet client needs.

With a wide range of certification licenses, we have a deep reservoir of knowledge across all accountancy services. Always professional, we maintain a casual, user-friendly atmosphere. Although we have the feel and expertise of a large firm, our small size is conducive to maintaining a strong connection with our clients. This, plus our historically low employee turnover, means that you'll see the same friendly faces in your office year after year.

We do our best to do our job quickly and efficiently and be out of your office as soon as possible. We maintain as unobtrusive a presence as possible while at the same time bringing positive energy into your space.

Mission Statment

Alvarez & Associates leverages its specialized knowledge of the Securities industry to provide a wide spectrum of streamlined, cost-effective, and regulatory compliant accounting services to clients of various market share. Our mission is to ethically serve all stakeholders by adopting a mentality of constant improvement. To achieve this, AAI has developed a healthy, collaborative, and productive work environment for meticulous professionals who offer reputable customer service, foster professional development, and aspire to transcend expectations.

Corporate Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork

We develop a client roadmap that starts with having the right numbers in place. We handle everything from audits to day-to-day accounting services, plus production of financial statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets.

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