Values Count

Alvarez & Associates is dedicated to quality with integrity above all else. A full-service CPA firm with exceptional customer care and reasonable fees, we are a top provider nationally of Broker-Dealer audits.

Integrity Counts

What’s the most important attribute in a CPA? Integrity is at the top of our list. We are known for our honesty, transparency and our reliability. We do not pull any punches.

Quality Counts

You can always be assured that we keep the highest standards of any CPA firm in the business. We maintain a mindset of constant improvement when it comes to training our employees and evaluating our processes. We are reviewed every year by government regulators who verify that our practices are up to code.

Personality Counts

We’re friendly and outgoing, and we’ve all been around for a while. Our clients appreciate seeing familiar faces year after year, whether in our office or theirs.

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Work Ethics Count

We only expect the best from our auditors. They perform at a high level of both acumen and dedication to getting the job done well. They understand deadlines and strive to meet or beat them.

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